What We Believe

At Bethel Church at Ridgefield we believe:

  • God exists in three forms; The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (The Holy Trinity).
  • That our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin, lived a sinless life and willingly gave his life on Calvary.
  • In the literal & physical bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ on the morning of the third day.
  • That the only way to salvation is through faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ and in the atoning power of his blood.
  • Salvation for the believer is eternal and cannot be lost
  • In the pre-tribulation, literal return of Christ (the second coming).

Bethel Church shall seek identification and fellowship with like-minded missional churches in the Northwest and abroad. We will seek to cooperate with other churches and organizations of like faith for the purpose of helping people come to belief in Jesus Christ, and to then follow and serve Jesus Christ as true disciples of the faith.