April 23, 2022

Pastor Dwane shares:

Try as we will, without the power of God working through us, we can do nothing that is called good. The Apostle Paul said he wanted to do good things and he did not want to do bad things; but because of his sin nature, he could do nothing good. So, how do we do good things? Fortunately, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit into the world to dwell in us. (1Corinthians 3:1-6) Since the Holy Spirit dwells in us, He will do good things through us.

You’re invited to join us this Sunday (April 24th). The topic is “SUSTAINING ONE ANOTHER.” Our scripture passage is Galatians 6:2-10.

We’ll look at the challenge of helping someone lured into sin, or as we sometimes say, “fallen from grace.” We are encouraged to restore the person that has become controlled by his sin nature. In the process there are encouragements and warnings. Let’s look at the encouragements first: it’s pretty simple – “do it;” but watch your step so you don’t fall into the trap while you’re helping the brother/sister get back on their feet. This process can be exciting and rewarding to the restoring individual and to the “restored.”