Does Your Life Feel Desolate and Empty?


Human beings are needy creatures. Every day in every life there is a need of some type. Sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you don’t.

If I were to ask you what is it that you need right now, what would you say? How can you tell a need from a want? How do you know that you need anything at all?

Usually, there’s a sense of something missing or there’s something in your life that isn’t quite what it should be that sets you off on a path of defining what that something is. An external circumstance can trigger the process, such as when you think about the coming winter, you might have a thought that you need a new coat. Sitting beside the road waiting for a tow truck might cause you to ponder the need for a new car.

But how do you know that you really need something? Probably, it’s more than a just passing thought about something that would be nice to have. It’s a sense of urgency. If you’re like many people, you find that your thoughts keep coming back to the need until a plan of action is decided on, and you act on your plan.

Many think that life requires STUFF, and that real life comes from POWER and INFLUENCE. But nothing is more fleeting than prosperity or power. Nothing is more fickle than popularity or fame. And nothing robs you of life more than selfishness.

In Ecclesiastes chapter 5, the Bible says that if you love money and wealth, you will never be satisfied with what you have. Desire will always outrun your possessions, no matter how much you have, and the more you have, the more people will come to help you spend it. Besides that, the tendency of many is to live right up the limit of what they can afford and then just a little more. So what is the advantage of wealth, except perhaps to look at it ? Well, for a little while, anyway.

Here’s a very important concept to keep in mind… all of us came into this world with nothing other than the spirit of life GOD gave us…and we certainly won’t take anything out when we go.

Nothing produced or created by our own hand, or cheated for or stolen…
nothing will follow us when we leave the planet. A life spent on self ENDS with the grave. That’s all there is, and there ain’t no more!

The only thing you will have is what GOD gives you. And there’s only one way to keep that precious gift GOD gave you in the beginning. He gave you life by birth into this physical world, and the one way you can have life in the spiritual world is to be born into that world as well. In short, you must be born again.

A life that is spent on self ends with the grave. For some, this reality is brutal and troubling. They see a future that is dark, and dreadful, and desolate.

But there is another way, and Jesus Christ is our example of what that kind of existence is like. Christ gave of Himself for others, and He shows us that this is the path that leads to what life is all about, that real life comes through sacrifice for others, not by being served.

In Matthew 23, Jesus said that being humble leads to greatness, and that those who try to make themselves great will be humbled. The great are not the ones served, but are those who serve others. Well, this is certainly not the way most of us think…but God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.

And Jesus made another statement that might be just as confusing or hard to understand. In John 12 He said:

[25] Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life..

This might sound like nonsense, like double talk to some. But here, two kinds of life are being talked about, physical life and spiritual life. If you love this physical life, if your whole world revolves around who you are and what you have, please keep in mind that you are loving something that you cannot possibly hang on to. One day you will lose it…all of it. That’s a guarantee.

People all around us are lonely, unhappy, and discontented. They feel a desolation and try to fill it with stuff, with money, with activities…but nothing seems to help for very long. That’s because these things are the wrong type of medicine for what ails them.

You need something…you know it.

What if the need you feel is not for more stuff, but instead is for a Savior?

In the first chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul tell us that since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been plainly displayed in the very creation itself, and it seems that most of mankind does have some inner sense of God’s existence.

But this inner sense can be ignored, even to the point of being extinguished. Indeed, Paul goes on to say that mankind freely makes use of this ability to ignore God and in doing so, becomes blind to the evidence that God has so abundantly provided for us. God does not force Himself on His creation. He announces His presence to all, but not everyone acknowledges the message. He calls, He calls, He calls, but at some point the calling stops.

You don’t believe in the God of creation but replace Him with a god of your own creation. That everybody worships something is abundantly clear. Everybody worships something. Instead of God the Father, it could be the god of possessions, or the god of fame, or the god of the environment, the god of hatred, or even the god of self. What you choose to listen to is what you will hear.

Well, suppose when the call came you got the message and have accepted that there is a God. But this act leaves an emptiness that needs to be filled because now you want to know what God is like and you don’t really know anything about Him, except that He is.

No doubt you have heard the term “Holy” used in conjunction with God, but what does this mean? How do you find out more? What is GOD like?

More than likely you have heard someone say that Jesus is the answer, or that you need to be saved. If you are not a Christian, the thoughts that run through your mind are probably something like “Saved from what? Why do I need a Savior? I’m not so bad… I can take care of myself. Preacher, go and save yourself. I don’t need it. What I really need is another burger and another beer. You tell me that Jesus is the answer. Well, if Jesus is the answer, just what is the question?”

Simply put…it is how do you deal with the sin in your life?

When you hear someone say that they are saved, what they are in effect saying (or what they should be saying) is that they will not be held accountable for the sin in their life. But keep this in mind; just saying you are saved doesn’t make it so.

So if someone is not saved, what are the consequences of sin? Well, they are probably more than you think, because you are on your own…the master of your fate…the pilot of your soul, so to speak…perfectly free to represent yourself and plead your case before a holy God. And you will get the chance to do so. The book of the Revelation speaks of the Great White Throne Judgement where the books will be open and the accounts examined. All you have to do is measure up. Just remember what the standard is.

If you think that you don’t need a Savior, you don’t understand what sin is, and you don’t know God. You might know about God, and you might know about sin, but as I’m sure you’ve heard at some time or another, a little knowledge is dangerous.

To briefly state a few points:

What are the consequences of sin? Spiritual death.

How do you avoid the consequences? Salvation.

What does salvation require? A Savior.

There are only two types of people in the world, saved sinners and just plain sinners. Which one are you, and could your answer provide some insight as to why you aren’t satisfied with just stuff? Turn your wasteland of a life into a garden. Christ is the answer…you just have to ask the right question.