For some people, life is good. For a few, life is very good. But the majority of people have needs of one kind or another. The fact of the matter is, everybody can use at least a little help every now and then.  Helping others is fundamental to the Christian faith. If you feel like you want to help somebody there is good news, because the possibilities are endless! It would be difficult to go through a single day without coming across at least one opportunity to lend a hand.
If you are looking for a way to share the gifts God has entrusted to you, you may want to consider:

Sharing your abundance

It seems as though the news alerts us to one disaster after another. Fires, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes grab the bulk of the headlines, but drought, famine, poverty, disease, and war are rampant and extract a heavy toll. For many in the industrialized world, not having water that is safe to drink, having to sleep without the benefit of a shelter, going to sleep hungry – even to the point of starvation, or not being able to find the most basic of health care are difficult concepts to imagine, and yet they happen. They happened today, and they will happen tomorrow. They are happening to someone, somewhere, this very minute.

If you feel led to share your abundance, you may want to consider that there are opportunities throughout the world as well as opportunities in your local community. Someone doesn’t have to be far away to be in need. If you decide to support one or several relief organizations, you may also want to consider that some are religiously oriented and others are strictly secular meaning that the hope of the Gospel is left out or even forbidden to be mentioned. It is important to follow the Spirit’s leading in deciding what you should do.

Sharing your talents

Helping others in need doesn’t have to involve money. Maybe there is a skill you have that could benefit someone else. This could be anything from fixing a leaking faucet, replacing the headlight on a car, or repairing a screen door. It could even be something like volunteering to help a child with his or her homework. The opportunities are out there waiting for you.

Sharing your time

There are many lonely people in the world. Sometimes you can be a blessing just by taking the time the sit and visit with them for a while. Take time to share a meal with someone who needs companionship or maybe they just need a break. It could be that there’s a youth organization in your area that needs an adult to lead some type of activity such as a sports team or a scout group. And when considering how you spend your day, you should always share some time with your own family.

Sharing your faith

Without question, one of the greatest needs in the world today is for a proper sharing of the Gospel message. Don’t assume that others know what the Good News is all about. Don’t keep what you have a secret.  And remember this; whether you express it verbally or not, you share your faith with everyone you meet by the example you set.

Do you really want to help somebody? Even if you think you have nothing to share – no money, no talents, and no time – even if you are in need yourself, you can still help someone else. But in this case, it’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t do that’s important.  If you really want to help someone:

  • Don’t add to their grief
  • Don’t add to their misery
  • Don’t add to their loneliness
  • Don’t add to their hopelessness

If you are a Christian, then you are Christ’s ambassador here on earth. Let the light of your faith shine. Let His love radiate through you. You may help someone more than you’ll ever know.