This Sunday August 22, 2021

The day we are born we begin the process of maturity that is ultimately the end of earthly life. In this world we are gifted for power to live and the ability to explain Jesus. At the conclusion of the message last week I gave a homework assignment.  If you were there, I hope you are doing the assignment. If not here it is again; you will be blessed if you do the assignment.

LOOK CLOSELY AT 1 COR 12 – WHAT ARE YOUR GIFTS? WHERE SHOULD you use them in the Body of Christ? How many spiritual gifts did you find? In this examination consider your gifts, skills and abilities. There will be a lot of overlap but some differences too.
Looking at the key passages on spiritual gifts (Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4) what do you determine your gifts to be?

You’ll find discrepancy even within that listing. Some people say the gifts of administration (1 Cor. 12:28) and leadership (Rom. 12:8) are the same gift. And, some claim service (Rom. 12:7) and helps (1 Cor. 12:28) are the same gift. That would then change the total number of gifts. You’ll also find additional comments on spiritual gifts if you dig deeper. Some people add in craftsmanship and music because of the skilled people God brought in to help with the Old Testament tabernacle. Exodus 31 says God filled Bezalel “with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts.

Copied from Internet, “Ministry Blog.”

How do you find your gifts? That may be an ongoing personal study but here are a few steps to get your journey started.

1.      After prayerfully reading through 1 Cor12, Romans 12, & Ephesians 4, where do you think you fit?
2.      What do you like to do in everyday living?  Which named spiritual gifts speak to your interests?
3.      Talk with people closest to you about the same question. Those close to us often confirm our giftedness clearer then we do.

The second question I gave, “where would you like to use your gifts {Romen12, 1COR 12} in service to the Lord through our church?” I would love to talk with you on this subject. I want you to be comfortable and successful in your area of service.  So when can we have a helpful conversation? Call text or email me with your findings and let’s set a time to get together in person or by phone.

The Sunday theme is “ON My Way To Heaven”.  Our focus is learning how to make the Word of God practical for every day living. Salvation has two benefits. There is the forgiveness of our sin and removal of the barrier between God and man. In addition there are benefits for everyday living. {Psa 68:19, …”loads us with benefits”, KJV;  “daily bears us up ESV; carries our burdens, NIV,NASB; each day He carries us, NLT}.

The Word of God gives us practical principles for living; finding a pathway of peace, motivation, and a successful relationship with God and man.   There is a pathway to a successful family life, wholesome business life, desirable & beneficial community relationship; steps to protect what we have socially, politically and economically.   I hope you’ll join us as we explore the benefits of walking with God.

Yours and His, Pastor Dwane