This Sunday August 8, 2021

A note from Pastor Dwane –

Today I have been reading about the urgency of our world, and methods the church can use to impact her ever-changing culture in light of the never changing plan of God. Our changing world: political changes, economic uncertainty, joblessness, globalism, social diversity and uncertain values tell us the importance of the church standing firm and being helpful to our peer group. Interestingly enough, the principles of the first century church are equally needed today.

When we say church many things come to our mind. The core value of church is to help each of us effectively live like we belong to Christ as a way of telling the world who Jesus is.  Church is a fellowship.  It is a place of inspiration.  It is a place for spiritual and emotional healing, but it is also spiritual gym, a place to develop & train our spiritual muscles to work in harmony with each other.  Church has the potential of becoming a place where each person senses they are needed, and expected to use their giftedness to minister to this ever-changing culture.

Sunday’s theme is Unity over Uniformity. I will continue our studies on the value of weighing everything by the Word of God instead of the thoughts of man.  The outcome will be distinctive!

Pray that God will do a great work at Bethel Sunday.  I’m excited about seeing you Sunday.

Pastor Dwane