This Sunday July 25, 2021

Last week I began a new teaching series “ The Foundations Of Faith.”   We established the fact that the Bible is the foundation of everything we do.  The beginning and closing comment was, IF THE BIBLE DOESN’T CONFIRM IT – DON’T DO IT! This week we’ll proceed with the next statements of what we stand for. Sunday’s title is “Living With The Real While Striving For The Ideal “. We see ourselves as a local outpost of the Church of Jesus Christ, living in an imperfect world. Because we are imperfect and our world is imperfect, we accept what we are and the way we act, but desire to live to a higher standard.

As a church fellowship, our purpose is defined as  “ As a local outpost of the Body of Christ, with our sole purpose for existence being to advance the kingdom of God one life at a time. Simply put, we exist to grow in Christ, strengthen fellow Christians and to attract unchurched people to become followers of Jesus.  The core of Sunday’s message is to look at the Mission, Vision and Values of our fellowship.

Simply stated our pathway is based on Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8 & 2 Corinthians 5:17. We are new creatures in Christ. In God’s eyes we are totally new [2 Cor 5:17], in our own eyes, there is a lot to be desired about the way we walk, talk, act and live. We cannot live the ideal life without the Holy Spirit’s control.  It is our goal to achieve that position as closely as possible.

I’m looking forward to Sunday.  I hope you are too! See you there?


Pastor Dwane