This Sunday May 30, 2021

Compromise is seldom a good option. But we go through the action almost daily. Sometimes we call it negotiation, but in the end we usually give up some of what we had to start with, thinking the next step will be better then what we started with. Our Hope is in giving up we gain something of greater value. It doesn’t always work out that way.

This week we’ll continue our cruise through the seven churches of Revelation, focusing on the church at Thyatira, known for compromise that led to immorality. But in the end God gave this church a new opportunity for victorious living and defeating the forces that brought compromise. Sunday we’ll add some personal application.

Follow your heart this week!  As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, begin with enjoying some family time. Take time to pray for our national leadership. Ask God to help them make good decisions for the populace instead of their personal gain. Pray that God brings some miraculous solutions to America’s needs. Pray that God will bring a new level of blessing to the common people of America.
Give thanks for the privilege of living in America. You probably know a family that has people serving in the military, Pray for their safety and encouragement.  Most of these will be away from family so ask God to give some special contact with family that is “back home”.  Take some time to say thank you to those who have served in the military. Because they served, we have a new level of safety today.
Also, pray for our church families who are separated from family members for various reasons. Take time to let them know you care. Pray for families wrestling with matters they don’t want to discuss publicly. Pray they find God’s solution and encouraging direction. Pray for spiritual victory in the lives of those around you.

Make Your Memorial Day celebration begin with Sunday morning at Bethel, worshiping Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.  Invite your friends and family to join us at 11 AM. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Praying God’s best for you.

Yours and His,
Pastor Dwane