This Sunday May 9, 2021

This Sunday May 9, we will be continuing the series “Surviving or Thriving”. How often do you feel alone, like no one seems to care what’s going in your mind and heart? You’re not even sure God knows or cares?  Most of us sometimes feel this way; some times the feeling hangs on for a long time.  That’s when you need a word of comfort from God and a friend, a reminder that you are important!

This week’s subject is the Smyrna Church, an upscale community that leveraged the church in every way possible to discredit their Christian testimony. In spite of the public pressure, they were so faithful to God He had no reprimands to them!   Sunday’s topic is “Experiencing God when I’m challenged”. Revelation 2:8-11

To celebrate Mother’s Day Sunday, celebrate with a special recognition of the Mother in your home. Then, come celebrate what God is doing for all of us at Bethel, as we worship and continue our study of the seven churches of Revelation.

Invite your friends and family to link arms with us as we learn and grow in the weeks ahead.

Pastor Dwane