This Sunday March 28, 2021

What is a “meaningful” experience? Maybe some recent event in your life could qualify. It may have been a joyful experience or one filled with sadness.  Sometimes an experience lifts your spirits and brightens your day; and then sometimes, what you experience turns out to be a life changing reset of your life.

Many people go routinely through life, not anticipating any exciting change. Others carefully look at each day as a new experience that will have value beyond the day. Some unexpected events of our life stay with us and forever change us.

In Matthew’s Gospel we find the event referred to as Palm Sunday, or the Triumphal Entry. To the Jews it was a day planned by God to change the future of His people.  Some experienced that change, while to others found themselves on the sideline, taking a “Oh well, so what?” attitude.  To them, it was a non-event. And sadly enough, they missed the “life changing experience” that would have altered their eternal destiny.

To some, Palm Sunday led to the recognition of the coming of Messiah, the King of Israel.  Others found nothing at all in the day. And then for some, such as the Jewish leadership, Jesus riding into Jerusalem was seen as a threat.

This Sunday, March 28 2021, we’ll look further at the biblical meanings, purpose and activity of the Word. John said the Word was the visible form of God [John1:4]. He went on to tell us that the Word made covenants with man [John 1:7], and later he points us to the fact that the Word revealed, and expounded on the full character of God, [John 1:18].   

Sunday’s title is “The Word Has Spoken”. The Word pointed us to the Triumphal entry, to the judgment of Jesus, the Cross, the Resurrection and of Ascension of Jesus.  Literally it is God’s summary of the work of Jesus, God preparing for us a great salvation, and the sustaining work of God in us;  “Christ in us The hope of Glory”. Please join us at 11 AM for a great time of worship and fellowship!